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A Proparazzi Selfie Station on site creates a fun and memorable activity for guests of every age and the light ring provides beatiful lighting that makes photos look great. After a photo is created, guests are able to enter their phone number or email to receive a copy of the digital photo, which makes for easy and instant social sharing. Your company will get the added bonus of that content being branded to increase awareness and keep the brand top-of-mind for potential customers.

In addition, photos from each event are uploaded to unique, branded online galleries. You can use the galleries to promote your brand and events, and guests can revisit and share their photos and experiences.


Not seeing an ROI on traditional ad spends? A Proparazzi selfie station serves as a versatile marketing tool. The selfie station increases brand awareness and organic social outreach through impressions, shares and engagement – ultimately growing their entire digital presence. And guests love it too, which increases affinity for your brand.

“The selfie booth platform is very user friendly and it’s worth the investment in terms of what you can get out of it.”

Whether you’re looking for a photo booth for your event or business locations, having a Proparazzi Photobooth Selfie station can help you create a unique consumer experience.

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